Resale certificates are needed for business who purchase items designed for resale. They are also used for businesses who provide a service that will become a part of property. A business who obtains a state resale certificate can only be used for merchandise being purchased to be resold by the business. The business can not use the certificate to purchase items that will be used as part of its own business. Any items or services paid for by the company for its own use is subject to sales tax and should be reported. To obtain your state resale certificate, please click here.

Employer Identification Number or EIN (also known as Federal Employer Identification Number or FEIN) is the corporate equivalent to a Social Security number, although it is issued to anyone, including individuals, who have to pay withholding taxes on employees. It is also issued to entities, such as states, government agencies, corporations, limited liability companies, and any other organization that must have a number for a purpose in addition to reporting withholding tax, such as for opening a bank or brokerage account.

To proceed, we will need to gather information about both you, and your business. This information is stored on our secure server and is only used to process your application with the government. All information is deleted within 90 days.

State Tax Certificate is not affiliated with any government agency. Tax ID Services offers a paid service in which our agents will prepare and submit your application to the specified states department of revenue or the IRS on your behalf for a paid fee based on your delivery needs. These services or forms are available from the government at a lower cost.